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Play videos, audio files, create playlists, view your media library on your PC and stream radio from the web.

Play videos, audio files, create playlists, view your media library on your PC and stream radio from the web.

Yookoo Player lets you play videos, listen to audio files and stream from over 80 radio stations from the Internet, as well as create playlists using the files in your media library. Yookoo also offers many other great features, such as HD content playback, the option to open a custom web stream, save playlists, and create image slideshows. Yookoo 6 lets you view and play files on your computer really easily. From the File menu, select Library. From there, you can see all the files in your media library and play them - whether it be videos, music or images. And, you can create playlists from these files by simply selecting some and clicking the Create Playlist icon in the toolbar. Yookoo has so many other great features. Try now.

Yookoo lets you do so much with your media, such as: - Play HD videos and audio files from your computer. - Create playlists from these files. - View all your music, video and image files from the Library window. - Stream from over 80 radio stations in the UK and Europe. - Preview songs in playlists by double-clicking them. - Open a custom stream by entering the URL. - Play most popular file types such as WMV, MP4, AAC, MP3 and many others. - Play files in Mini Mode to take up less space on your screen. - Change where Yookoo Player looks for your media files on your PC. - Get track and artist information, such as artwork, track name, album, release year, VBR and copyright, as well as play count.

Yookoo is different from many other media players because of its ease of use and simplicity. Although Yookoo Player has many great and useful features, the application remain simple to use and intuitive. In Yookoo 6, we completely redesigned the whole application to be even more simple to use. Now, in the sixth version, Yookoo 6 becomes our most refined and developed version of Yookoo Player to date. Yookoo has many unique features, like Library viewing, normally available in complex software.

Yookoo is designed for any user who wants to listen and watch their content on their PC. Yookoo is so simple and easy to use that any PC user, beginner or advanced can navigate around the program in a matter or minutes.

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